Hey there, if you opened this blog post you probably are looking for more information about what the organic certification implies. Well, we usually know that organic is "better", that it is more expensive, that sometimes we hear about frauds... but this is just partial information, of course. What is behind a certification? What can really go in an organic product and what can absolutely not go? How are these products checked? In this brief video Sonia explains the details of this. Enjoy!



For the first time, we have been invited to a school (St. Thomas More College in Santa Lucjia) to talk about the environment and to show them some eco-friendly products which can replace the ones we see everyday. We learned that children know more than many adults, and that they see how strong the impact of humans on the planet is. We also learned that 10 year olds drink coffee, and they do it in reusable cups (this was definitely a highlight of the day).

Some of the children told us that they are trying to convince their parents to live more sustainably... and we really think that sometimes kids no better. Here is a small video of the day.
Thanks to St. Thomas More College, the headmaster and the teachers; thanks to Ekoskola Malta for their projects. It was amazing!


Thursday, 27 February 2020 09:47

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Finally we have our new YouTube channel ready! Keeping up with time is important, and collecting information in these brief videos is our way to help you save time (that we mostly don't have) whilst still giving you as much information as you might need! So welcome to the S-Class and to our "lessons" in pill form. Some might be a bit hard to swallow, but surely helpful. Check out the video below and make sure you subscribe to see more!

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