Shop 01

Hames Sensi is the first organic certified shop in Malta. We make of knowledge our strength, and we try to source the best quality organic products, carefully choosing each item to verify the origin of the ingredients and the reliability of the supplier.

Shop 02

We are the only shop where all the products are 100% certified organic and palm oil free, because we believe in sustainability and respect for the environment, as well as for health!

Shop 03

We have also introduced a Bring Your Own Container system, with more than 30 products (nuts, dried fruits, pulses, grains, detergents) which grants a 5% discount on all loose items.

Shop 04

You will find a wide range of items which can help you lead a more ecological and sustainable life, including bamboo toothbrushes, stainless stell straws, reusable mesh and cotton bags, and much more!